If you are creating your own collection, be advised, only one target word is allowed per screen. Even if you have multiple sentences, they all combined may contain only one target word, otherwise the student view will glitch and the sentence will be cut

I am new. I have a problem with sentences that contain more than one target word. Only the first word is visible in student view, the rest of the sentence is not visible. Is this a bug or a feature? Or maybe it’s because we are using Apple products and there is no Alt key?

I’m using an Apple iPad, I have no trouble seeing the entire sentence. This sounds like a bug. Are you using the app or the website?

Website. I create a shareable sentence bla-bla-bla {{Word1}} bla-bla-lba {{Word2}} and send my students a text input link, not multiple choice. When they open the link they only see bla-bla-bla {{blank}} bla-bla-bla. The sentence gets cut off at the second target word.

Do you have a character, word or space after the second target word? It might be looking for a terminating item, like a period or question mark or something? (I’m going to try it myself and see what happens.)

I got a response by email that software is not set up for more than one target words per screen. I use text input, but I can see how more than one would interfere with multiple choice answer format.

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I’m afraid you can’t use more than one target word per sentence.

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I wish there was a sign that says “ONE TARGET WORD ONLY” because I spent three hours yesterday making sentences with multiple target words, and another two hours today trying to figure out why it doesn’t work.

Clozemaster’s term for what you are calling a “target word” is a cloze. You can have only one cloze per “screen”, but you may choose to make that cloze correspond to a sequence of several words. (In all sentences provided by Clozemaster that I’ve seen, the cloze is a single word.) If you play Clozemaster for a while, you’ll see that the whole game is built around the assumption that there’s only one cloze per screen. The interface does not provide a way to move from cloze to cloze, or to indicate that you filled in one correctly but another incorrectly. I think it must be rare for someone new to the website to start contributing sentences without having experimented for a while with existing ones, so I don’t think most people would run into this problem. It’s unfortunate that you did, but I’m glad you were eventually able to get your question answered.


@davidculley and @alanf_us are correct, the whole original system is predicated on having a single word or word set as the cloze. (It may not necessarily be one word; for example in my personal French collection I’ve added the expression “Ça va” as the cloze, but it’s still one “expression” in one place in the sentence.)

But that said… there IS also Cloze Reading, which contain “Cloze-Texts” consisting of multiple sentences, with multiple clozes within each text. I’ve dabbled with it rather than used it. One issue is that as far as I can see the only option is multiple choice for each word rather than text input, but it’s good for seeing words in a broader context.

There is (in beta) an option to create your own cloze texts, but I’ve yet to experiment with that mainly because I have a strong preference for text input over multiple choice.

(Except for when the French speech input on the mobile app in particular can’t understand me when I say “le porc” 37 times and I just give up in frustration and punch the multiple choice option on the screen, but that’s a different conversation.)

An example of the cloze texts can be found here.

Soooo… maybe at some point there will be a text input version of those too.Not yet, but, maybe some day…