If it's not broke, please don't fix it

@mike I’m using an iPad and see that the user interface has changed - moving familiar areas to new parts of the screen.

That’s not my main complaint though! Now when I set up reviews to Text Input, I have an EXTRA TAP to bring up the typing box. This is bad for 2 reasons: 1) slows me down and 2) adds to repetitive strain. 500 sentences equals 500 extra taps.

I looked, but don’t see any way to modify this.


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Hi Sandi, thanks for the post! What are you thoughts on the UI changes? Helpful, not helpful, no difference?

To be sure I understand - do you mean you have to tap within the text input to bring up the keyboard for each sentence?

That’d be an unintentional bug and does indeed sound frustrating. What iPad and version of iOS are you using?

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Thanks @mike. I’m not crazy about the interface but I’ll adapt.

I have iPad 6th gen 15.3.1

When I load a sentence I see the speaker icon and an eye icon, which I must click to bring up the sentence and the text box.

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Any parts in particular?

Please try turning the “Auto-Show After First Listen” on in the Game Settings by tapping the gear icon top right while playing.

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Switching that toggle did the trick! Thank you.

GUI? Less fits on the screen at a glance. Review Forecast is hard for me to read.