Ich wusste nicht, dass du Chirurg von Beruf bist.

Am I the only one who finds “Chirurg” one of the hardest German words to pronounce?

Clearly you aren’t the only one, as the lady Clozemaster voice mixes the words du Chirurg into one mixed mess of a sound.

I’ve reported this with the red flag.

The Microsoft online voice Katja say it correctly.

It is difficult to pronounce but maybe it is because it is from Greek and means something like “hand-work”.

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Funny, I clicked on this post, expecting a question asking what a strange construction “von Beruf” is, and why it’s not “vom Beruf”, Beruf being a masculine word.

But yes, Chirurg is probably not an easy word to pronounce :sweat_smile:.

As with “China”, some people also pronounce the “ch” like a “k”. So you could say “Kirurg” and be understood.

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