Ich würde alles für dich tun.

English Translation

I would do anything for you.

“Ich würde alles für dich tun” is a German phrase that translates to “I would do anything for you” in English. Let’s break down the grammar and vocabulary of this sentence:

  1. “Ich” (I) - This is the subject of the sentence, referring to the person who is speaking.

  2. “würde” - This is the conditional form of the verb “werden” (to become), which is used to express would or could in German. In this case, it is being used to form the conditional mood, indicating that the speaker would do something under certain conditions.

  3. “alles” (everything/anything) - This is the object of the sentence, referring to the things the speaker would do for the listener.

  4. “für” (for) - This is a preposition that links the object “alles” to the indirect object “dich.”

  5. “dich” (you) - This is the indirect object of the sentence in the accusative case, referring to the listener or recipient of the action.

When putting all these parts together, we get the sentence “Ich würde alles für dich tun” meaning “I would do anything for you.”

In summary:

  • The grammatical structure: subject + conditional auxiliary verb + object + preposition + indirect object in accusative case.
  • The conditional mood is used to express a hypothetical situation, in this case, the willingness to do something for someone.

ChatGPT forgot to explain the “tun” :joy:
But otherwise this is pretty accurate.