Ich werde high.

English Translation

I’m getting high.

It’s always weird coming across English loanwords randomly in German sentences.

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I wonder if Germans get a similar weird feeling from seeing German words like Schadenfreude or Doppelganger get thrown around in English.


If much less frequent in English.
I actually like it.
Nothing is more fun than a Texan with a heavy drawl saying “Wenn schon denn schon” or “Dienst is Dienst and Schnaps is Schnaps”.

People have always been using missing (or simply better) expressions from other languages.
Is more problematic when words are misused, like the famous “Handy” in German.

And I would appreciate “Doppelgänger” but I know it is a lot to ask.
When long years ago, Kanzler Schröder was replaced by Merkel, USA Today ran the headline “Thank heavens. No Umlaut anymore”.