Ich muss jetzt gehen. Tschüss!

Warum kann man hier nicht Tschüß schreiben statt Tschüss.

Tschüß ist veraltet. Entweder ein s oder ein ss am Ende, das Eszett geht nicht mehr.


Because of the German Spelling Reform of 1996. See link below.
Wikitionary: Tschüss

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Well, that explains it. I was exchange student in Germany from 1991-1992, just before the '96 reform. Offensichtlich ist das Eszett nicht das einzige der gealtert ist. Vielen Dank dlobok und LessPaul für die Hilfe.

With the new spelling rules, in most words “üß” means a long “ü” (think of the word “Füße” = feet) and “üss” means a short “ü” (think “Flüsse” = rivers). But Tschüss is tricky because it can be pronounced with either short and long vowel, and both ways of pronouncing it are common. If anything, people seem to use the long vowel for emphasis, like to express slightly more enthusiasm when saying goodbye.

I don’t know if there was some logic to the rule (perhaps the short vowel pronunciation was considered more standard or was more common or widespread at the time of the reform) or if it was just an arbitrary decision, but it’s just one of those things where you have to remember. But you can pronounce it either way.