Ich kann ihr alles sagen.

English Translation

I can tell her everything.

When listening I’m sure it says “Ich kann ja alles sagen”

Assuming the speech you get from google translate is the same as on clozemaster, I can assure you that “ja” would sound different. It is admittedly similar, but there would be less of an “i” sound in there, i.e. more “ja” and less “ia”. Also, “ihr” starts with a glottal stop, while “ja” wouldn’t. But that glottal stop is hard to hear in the generated speech, but it’s there if you listen closely, and compare with “ja”.

You are right, but you can also test it, in the “100 Most Common” words, search for “Ich kann ihr alles sagen”, and listen to it. The “kann ihr” is being spoken a bit too quickly and my ear hears it as “ja” :smiley:

I just listened to it, and I was surprised it’s not the same voice as google translate’s.
But to me it’s pretty unambiguous. Even more so than GT’s voice. The glottal stop is quite pronounced.

(after writing that first paragraph:)
And you know what. I wanted to listen to it again, and had to search for it again, and this time I got a different voice! The first one was female, and the second one is male. And this voice is far worse. It sounds jittery, faster, and the “kann ihr” is slurred and definitely more ambiguous.

So I assume you got the male voice.