Ich hasse Mathematik.

English Translation

I don’t like math.

Okay, but Germans use “Mathe” for “Mathematik”, just like English speakers “math” for “mathematics”, so here would be “Mathe” appropriate. Meiner Meinung nach.

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I think “Mathematik” more ofthen refers to the science in general, while “Mathe” would normally mean “math class”.
Both can mean both, as one is just an abbreviation of the other, but these are the tendencies.
A student is more likely to say “Mathe” and refer to class and the stuff they teach there.
If you say “Mathematik”, you express that this stuff goes above your head, and you hate having to think hard to calculate your interest rates or whatever. You don’t need to be a student to say that. But if you use the word “Mathe”, you sound like a student.