Ich habe gehört, dass er die Prüfung bestanden habe.

[details=“English Translation”]I heard that he passed the exam.[/details]Why habe not hat?

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Because it’s hearsay?

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I hadn’t noticed this use of habe until you mentioned it @danielportersax. As @morbrorper alludes, it’s probably is because the speaker has doubts about the veracity of the statement (i.e. indirect speech: I heard someone say this thing - I don’t know if it’s true or not), which is expressed like so:


ich habe
du habest
er;sie;es habe
wir haben
ihr habet
sie;Sie haben

Yes, I had a feeling too that it’s subjunctive.

As an anecdote, for French learners, when it is used, subjunctive also often translates uncertainty (eg: “Je crains qu’il ne soit malade”, I fear he might be ill - but it isn’t certain.)