Ich gehe als Erste!

English Translation

I’ll go first!

“Als” doesn’t seem to have an English equivalent in this sentence. Would “I’ll go first then!” be correct, as a declaration of position?

“als” = “as”

“I’ll go as the first!” - I think it would be equivalent in English to say “I volunteer myself as the first to go!”, but a better way of saying it is just “I’ll be the first to go!”, or even more simply “I’ll go first!” as clozemaster has it.

We sort of lose the “as” in English, but it’s still there, hiding.


Very good explanation.
There is however, an additional twist on that.
A real literal translation would be
“I,a woman, will go as the first.”
The information about the sex of the speaker is lost in English, whether you translate it with a simple abverb or in more elaborate way.

As a native English speaker you will not notice this defizit, but for others it is sometimes puzzling.
I remenber reading a “Time” article about an American Air Force General and thinking “What is so special about that?”. I took me three or four paragraphs to realize that this Air Force General was a woman, which was at that time still something very special.


I’m so glad I asked! There was a lot hidden in my question. Many thanks.