Ich bin noch dabei, die Preise zu vergleichen.

English Translation

I’m still shopping around.

Excuse me, what? For me these two are competely different sentences.


Actually, if you google for the definition of “shopping around”, you find this:

And that translation suddenly makes sense. There does not seem to be an equivalent expression for that in german.


You are rright, both semantics and grammar are different.
While it is really difficult to translate “shopping around”, it is definitely more than comparing prices.
These “translations” that cover only the rough sense but not more always confuse me when I try to learn.

So I’d propose:

I’m still shopping around
Ich sehe mich noch für den Kauf um.

Ich bin noch dabei, die Preise zu vergeichen.
I’m still comparing prices. / I am still in the process …/I am still occupied …/

But maybe someone has more elegant solutions.

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