Ich bin jetzt schon seit fast drei Wochen wieder in den Staaten.

Germans are really ‘both belt and suspenders’ with their grammar. Here there appears to be an ‘almost’ that goes with “I am” and another one with “three weeks.” Almost enough!

I don’t know the “official” translation but I see only one “almost”

I am now already since almost three weeks back in the States.

Admittedly, I lot of small words and stylistically “maybe almost just a little bit over the top”. :wink:


"belt and suspenders I suspect is American. In the UK we say “belt and braces”.

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Apologies to MRgK. My grasp of adverbs has progressed since I wrote that post, when l felt rather pelted by their proliferation. I have, in fact, become a kind of ornithologist of these little words, delighted to see them appear in the sentences.

And to Peter1949, at least the alternatives aren’t rude in the other’s language, as is sometimes the case with British and American designations.

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No need for an apology at all.
Kudos to all the poeple learning German.
Very often the questions in this forum let me realize how difficult it is