ia orang yang slalu mengikuti trendi masa kini [ia peka terhadap trend terbaru]

English Translation

She is sensitive to current fashions.

So many errors…

  • Don’t merge two alternative Indonesian sentences into one.
  • “ia” (meaning: he/she) should be capitalized at the beginning of the sentence.
  • “Slalu” is definitely a typo. It should be “selalu”. But the English sentence doesn’t say “always”, so it’s even better to remove “slalu” or “selalu” from the Indonesian sentence.
  • “Trend” as a noun is also improper. It should be “tren” without D, according to KBBI and some other dictionaries.
  • “Trendi” is proper, but it’s an adjective. I think “mengikuti” (to follow) cannot be directly bridged to an adjective. So, it should be “mengikuti tren masa kini”.
  • I’m not quite sure “peka” is the right word. “Peka” means “thoughtful” (i.e. be careful not to be offensive) or “vulnerable” (easily influence by something". In these sense, “peka” is sometimes translated as “sensitive”. But the connotation of the English sentence is not “vulnerable”.
  • A period is missing.