I giocatori di calcio prendono molti soldi.

English Translation

Soccer players make a lot of money.

This is a usage of prendere I hadn’t come across before.


Yes indeed. It also means “to take” or “pick up”. I’ve often heard commentators say that footballers “take home” or “pick up” a lot if money.

An interesting use, as you say. A dopo…


The main meaning is as @Floria7 say, “to take”. But it may be used as an informal synonym of “guadagnare” (to earn, or gain).

The sentence can be extended a bit, and maybe it would be easier to remember:

“I calciatori prendono un sacco di soldi di stipendio.”

Literally, “Football players take a salary of a lot of money.” (well, this may be unnatural in English…)

You can also say: “fanno un sacco di soldi.” which is closer to English in terminology.