How to stop daily email

The email says I can adjust my settings on the dashboard, however I am unable to find where I can disable the daily emails.

I have also written to customer services but have not received a reply.

I would ask clozemaster to also consider having a button within the email to stop the notifications as otherwise someone unable to disable them may just mark the email as junk and this could damage the rating of the clozemaster domain and therefore having the effect of blocking all of emails, which affects all of the users including those who want to receive the emails. I haven’t marked it as spam but others in my situation may have, and I like the clozemaster project so wouldn’t want that to happen.

Any help on how I can stop receiving these emails would be great :slight_smile: thanks guys

I think you can do it by going to the “Account” item in the dropdown:

and then going to the “Emails” section:

My guess is that it’s the second box that you need to uncheck (as you can see I’ve done).

If that doesn’t work, just let me know.

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