How to Separate Reviews from New Words

Hi all,
I prefer to do multiple choice for my first introduction to a set of sentences, and then type in the missing word for my review sentences to work my memory a little harder and practice my spelling. This is difficult if my review sentences are already automatically integrated into my new sentences. How can I keep my review sentences from showing up in my new sentences?

I already tried going in and setting the number of review sentences to zero, but that didn’t work. Pointers? Thanks in advance!

I too would like to see that feature.

I prefer text input, but that is pointless if I have never seen the word before. (For example, when moving on from the 100 most common words to the 500 most common words.) I’d have to press the key combination “Alt p” every single sentence to switch to multiple choice for that particular sentence. Conversely, I don’t want to let 50% of possible points go to waste for words I’ve already seen, because of having committed to using multiple choice for the entire session. @mike

Strange, I do exactly that, and it works for me. Hit “Play” for doing new sentences exclusively (with multiple choice), hit “Review” to practice sentences I’ve already seen before (with text input).

This is a functioning workaround, but it involves fiddling with and changing settings all the time. It would be easier if the respective settings were presets, accessible via a single button push. Similar to “Play” and “Review”, I’d like three buttons: “Play” (for doing unseen and seen sentences together), “New (with multiple choice preset)” and “Review (with text input preset)”. Of course, these three buttons are highly specific to my own wishes, and not every one has the same needs. Two of the three buttons practically already exist. The choice between “multiple choice” and “text input” is remembered, so the two buttons “Play” and “Review” in my scenario already exist. @mike you could make a setting, that would optionally allow to add additional buttons. That way I could add the described “New” button, and users who have no need for that, or would be confused/overwhelmed by the UI change can continue to have everything exactly as it is.