How to look up compound words in dictonary?

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i would know how is it possible to look up a compound word in the dictonary. I can look for допо or for могти by clicking the words but how can I click the hole word допомогти?

I work on my Ipad with safari, app is not installed.


Try Reverso Context. You can search compound words, phrases, and even punctuation marks. I use it all the time.

Are you playing in Ukrainian? Is this a common occurrence? In the languages I play, I’ve seen almost no instances where a cloze word is directly adjacent to a non-cloze word with no space between. The only exceptions I’ve seen have been where the previous word ended with a non-alphabetic character such as an apostrophe.

how can I use reverso?

yes i play ukr. there are a lot of this words:

Although my saying this isn’t going to help you, I don’t think, in general, that a cloze should be set to a part of a word. I think it should match a full word (or a sequence of words, if you want to do that in a custom collection).

But even if one thinks it should be set to a part of word, I think marking іван as the cloze within несподіваний is probably a mistake. I don’t speak Ukrainian, but I do speak Russian, and if words are constructed the same way, this strikes me as similar to selecting “al” as the cloze in a word like “internationalize”. While “al” is a suffix that turns “nation” into “national”, you’re not going to get much out of looking up “al” in the dictionary, if it appears at all.

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Несподіваний means Unexpected.
If I click on Неспод I get “Recently” as a translation and a click on іван delivers Ivan.

But I found that on the PC if you highlight the whole word the translation works correctly.

As I said at the beginning, I learn on the IPAD, there it does not work with the marking of the whole word. I can highlight it but then not open a translation.

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Hi Adam, as requested the screenshots

same problem with the ios app

Hi Theo,

Sorry for the slow reply! It looks like these screenshots are all from your “mycollection” - I wonder if something went awry when adding the sentences to that collection. When I search in the “Random Collection” for Ukrainian:

Боюся, я мало чим можу допомогти.
There is not much I can do to help, I am afraid.

Несподіваний шум відвернув їхню увагу від гри.
A sudden noise abstracted their attention from the game.

Минуло два тижні.
Two weeks went by.

Том дав мені ручку.
Tom gave me a pen.

so they all appear to be “clozed” as expected there - full words / not subsets of characters within words.

Might you recall how you added these sentences to your collection? When adding a sentence you can customize the cloze, so I wonder if that may have happened somehow.

That said you should be able to select/highlight any part of the sentence after answering to get that same slideout with translations and links. For example in the iOS app, there’s that “Selectable” part at the top where you should be able tap/drag/highlight different parts of the sentence. Additionally on the web you should be able to select the text directly in the sentence after answering. Please let me know if you’re seeing some issue with that functionality.


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@mike Hi mike, as I already wrote in the mail, thanks again for the help, I could solve the problem now :slight_smile:
thanks for the great support :slight_smile: