How I solved my problem importing sentences in CSV format

I just thought I’d post this here in case anybody had the same problem that I did.
I had a list of German sentences with translations that I wanted to upload but got an error message that didn’t explain what was wrong. Here’s what I did:

My CSV file had two columns (sentence and then translation). I made sure that the all of the entries had a translation in second column.

Then I think the problem was that the csv file was encoded in a format that Clozemaster didn’t like. So I saved the file (from Excel) as a UTF-8 CSV rather than just a regular CSV.

Then there was a problem of the sentences having commas. So I used =""""& A1 &"""” in Google sheets to add "s around all the sentences.

Then there was the problem that the file was saving with a break-line at the end, which Clozemaster didn’t like. So I opened the csv in notepad++ which showed the extra row and let me delete it. Also at some point in all this when I saved as a csv it included a whole bunch of extra blank rows, which I could see in notepad++ as many rows of just commas. So I deleted these and saved.

After this everything worked great.
Hope that this helps somebody :grinning:


You can always use a TSV instead. :smile:


You know, I’d never even heard about them before :joy:
But that does sound like the easier way round


Thought I’d post this also in case it is helpful to someone.
Okay so this time I uploaded using a .tsv file
But I kept getting an error, but the error said nothing about what the problem was.

“Oh no! There was an error processing the text - sorry about that. Please try again and let us know if you see this message again.”

I eventually worked out that it was a handful of special characters that was causing the problem. Specifically these „“ and €

Considering that I was uploading 167 sentences, I think it would have been very helpful if a reason for the error had been given in the error message.


The problem doesn’t really have anything to do with the character separator; it’s about the encoding. As I discussed a couple of years ago and as you found for yourself earier in this thread, the issue is that you need UTF8 to represent extended and foreign characters correctly.


Okay thanks Lucius, that’s very helpful.
I don’t really know anything about using these encodings, but I’ll keep that in mind when I next upload sentences.