How do you get from your Clozemaster Dashboard to the Clozemaster Forum?

Uber newbie here - I can’t see where the link is on the dashboard that lets me just come to the Clozemaster Forum?

Tá brón orm (I am sorry) for such a basic question.

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You have two options on your browser version. I don’t think the mobile apps have it.

  1. On the right upper side of the dashboard >> click “Discussions”

  2. At the bottom of the dashboard >> Click “Forum”


Go raibh míle maith agat @MsFixer! (Thank you)

Go raibh maith agat @MsFixer for helping me out!

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Good heavens, both of those options to get to the Forum are well hidden.
I’ve been here a while now, and never found either of them! (I got here the long way, by posting a question about a sentence, and eventually getting an invitation to the forum)

What Clozemaster really needs is a complete rethink of the layout of the top page. It’s not easy to navigate, and I suspect many users never discover half of the options available. Maybe it’s worth asking if any one here specialises in usability of websites?
A site can be great in what it provides, but not in helping users optimise the way they use the site.
I’m willing to bet there’s quite a high drop out rate among new users.