How can I lose white FAQ popup that has appeared

@mike Any help would be appreciated. It’s suddenly appeared, plus an entire white line across the typing area (Re password lock).

Will try a screenshot. Thanks all.

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I wonder what happens if you find the small x in the top-right corner of the popup and hit that :slight_smile:

Anyway, I am quite tired of the “Feedback? Need help?” floating button in the bottom-left corner, especially on small devices such as my telephone, where it just takes up valuable screen estate and gets in the way in a big way.


Hi morbrorper, thanks for coming back. Yes tried the deletion x, white box stays. Tried completing it but typing impossible, most odd. As I go to type, white menu bar pops up above keyboard with lock symbol etc, for no reason at all, but only when using Text input. With Multiple boxes, no problem. Haven’t altered or touched anything, praps it’s a Google thing. Hopefully it will take itself off. Bye for now;-)

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Ciao @Floria7, hope you got it sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. A message also flashed up asking if i wanted to correct a sentence! A bit worrying as the white line across the keyboard includes all password info etc. Ah well, perhaps @mike will be able to help. Bye for now have a good day.

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