Hörde du mig inte?

English Translation

Didn’t you hear me?

This is in the adjective section but surely hörde is the verb? (asking because i keep thinking I’m going daft, with these things in the wrong section).

Have reported a lot of “sex” sentences that have ended up in the Numbers section. But, as a learning tool, having things like Verbs listed as Adjectives is not really helpful.

Is the red flag the best way to get these issues looked at?

In all fairness, “hörde” is also a rarely used inflected (masculine) past participle of “höra”: “den av domstolen hörde mannen svarade motvilligt”.

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But is it the adjective here?? :wink:

No :slight_smile:

“Post must be at least 20 characters”

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Thank you - I’m finding it a bit frustrating when sentences are in the wrong section (this was under adjectives). I’m far enough along in my studies to know that its wrong - but it’s not helpful for someone who may just be starting out. :eyes:

Swedish is not the only language that suffers from this. The upside is that you sometimes discover surprising things about the language you’re learning.

True. but when i don’t find it helpful is when a word can be either an Adjective or Adverb (for example) and I have to try and remember my English grammar (a skill long since evaporated) to figure it out. So I’m having to re-learn English grammar rules at the same time!! :crazy_face: