Ho un amico che si rasa a zero i capelli.

English Translation

I have a friend who shaves his head.

Is this using the feminine past participle of radere?
I would have guessed the translation should be “si rade”.


More simply: rasarsi = radersi


Ciao. Yes, I would have expected *rade, as rasa seems to be pp as you say.

Ah, Anxos is here. Grazie mille, ma fraid I need a bit of help with *rasarsi. My reliable translator gives “si rade” which I understand more easily.

I know, a bit confusing!

  • si rasa / lui si è rasato / lei si è rasata

  • si rade / lui si è raso / lei si è rasa


Grazie mille Anxos! It is getting clearer as I type😊

That makes sense, I was looking at the wrong verb.
Interesting that WordReference doesn’t list a reflexive version of the verb rasare (my primary resource). But there are many uses of rasarsi across the Internet and in other dictionaries.
Grazie mille.