Ho trovato questa colonna interessante.

“I found this column interesting.”

I wonder if one could say “Ho trovato interessante questa colonna”, so it doesn’t sound like “I found this interesting column.”


Hmm, o “Questa colonna l’ho trovata molto interessante”. Questa domanda sembra molto interessante;-)

A dopo…


That sounds better, doesn’t it!


Here we are, “discussing better ways to say it” - so we must be doing ok;-)

Buona giornata eh!


@mike-lima, cosa ne dici, per favore?

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This is an interesting question! :wink:

As written “Ho trovato questa colonna interessante” may mean both “I found this interesting column” and " found this column interesting".

At first read my interpretation is the latter, but it is ambiguous.

When speaking you can alleviate the problem using intonation and pauses.
I would say that I would put a slight pause between “colonna” and “interessante”, almost as if there were a comma between the words, if I mean “I found this column interesting”, and run “interessante” into “colonna” as if they were one word if I mean “an interesting column”.

For written Italian, there are ways to make the sentence unambiguous:

“Ho trovato questa interessante colonna” can be interpreted only as “I found this interesting column”.
“Ho trovato interessante questa colonna” can only be interpreted as “I found this column interesting”, as @morbrorper noted.

Or you can turn around the sentence a bit, as @Floria7 suggests, which is also a common pattern to use in Italian.


@mike-lima: mi fa piacere che tu abbia trovato interessante il tema. :slightly_smiling_face: