Ho riconosciuto il suo volto.

English Translation

I recognized his face.

Sorry to beat it again, but do you recognize faccia not volto? Facca-physical face, viso-pubblic and volto -spiritual.

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Ciao di nuovo @barcarolle From a book we are reading in our club, I quote the following where Natalia Ginzburg only uses Faccia and Viso:

… chinò il viso - bowed her face
Spalmava il viso - smeared her face with…
Faccia a faccia - face to face.
Scopri la faccia con le mani.
Tenevo la faccia voltata.

In another book, “il volto” is mentioned as “il volto della nature”, the face of nature, or “il vero volto di qualcuno” - the true nature of someone.

Tanti auguri…


But, there’s also this Tatoeba sentence, which has three Italian translations, corresponding to the three different words for “face”:


I’m pretty happy to go with Ginzburg on this, tried and trusted. Having read many of her books, those of Camilleri and other good Italian authors, that’s good enough for me.

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Face off statements (pun intended), multiple choice :1. there is no solid quality control in tatoeba and people write what they want in there, 2. those three face words are now used in whichever way people want them to use in today’s Italy. Now you can wash your viso, volto and faccia and start your bright new day.


Ciao! Esatto! Per esempio “Ehi, parla alla mano, il viso non ascolta!” (o la faccia o il volto;-)