Ho effettivamente pensato di smettere ultimamente.

English Translation

I’ve actually been thinking about quitting lately.

I’m wondering what kind of quitting this can be, like quitting a job, stopping smoking, etc. I suppose smettere doesn’t work with the whole register of quit.


When I saw this, I immediately thought of quitting smoking.

… mmm :thinking:, wait a second, my sentence could be misinterpreted.

I mean I thought that the sentence was about quitting smoking (or something similar).

I didn’t actually think about quitting smoking myself. I don’t smoke. :joy:


Yes, I thought about quitting smoking etc but don’t think it would refer to say quitting a job.

In UK we tend to say “leaving” a job or “stopping smoking”. I rarely hear or use “quit”.



Maybe then it is more an American expression. You can quit a job or smoking but it is also used as such, meaning “give up”.
When I went jogging with Americans and the jogging got competetive I heard more than once “If I’ll quit it will be ten feet ahead of your dying body!” Maybe it is from literature or simply Army slang.
There is also the “quitter”, somebody who is likely to give up easily.

It is interesting to see that you can use “smettere” without an object.
Can it mean “giving up (yourself)” and not “giving up something”?

I would have translated my American sentence perhaps with " Se mi arrenderò …" and I would not have used “smettere”.


I would still use smettere here (to stop) as to me it seems more Italian.
But that’s just me. I always try n forget I’m English with a lot of Cloze sentences :wink: