Ho delle buone opinioni sulle capacità di mio figlio.

English Translation

I have some good opinion of my son’s ability.

It has to translated as " …ablities", or otherwise “… sulla …”?
Or are these fixed idioms in both languages?

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This is a fine example of plurals from opinions to capabilities. I think le capacità is correct, like le città. I don’t know about idioms, sorry.


I agree that “le capacità” is correct, but the English sentence is clunky at best.

It isn’t a literal translation, but something like “I have great esteem for my son’s abilities” or “I hold my son’s abilities in high regard” is surely better English.


Actually, in Italian I would use “ho una buona opinione sulle capacità di mio figlio”.

I would use “Ho delle buone opinioni” if someone else told me about my son. “opinions”, from different people.


On Tatoeba, the English sentence has been changed to “I have a good opinion of my son’s ability.”


That interesting but even more difficult to understand.
Now we have two plural nouns in Italian and two singular nouns in English.