Help! My Streak Reset?

Heading for 90, having finished 88. Said I was on 89 earlier, but it now says 1. I’d love to see this fixed.

Thank you!

Did you adjust your daily goal by any chance? Did you change timezones (e.g. due to international travel)?

Are you practicing multiple language pairings? There’s a global streak (for any Clozemaster activity) and a language-specific streak.

I once adjusted my daily goal, just for illustration purposes, and lost my language-specific streak because of that, but my global Clozemaster streak was maintained.

Thanks for the feedback. Haven’t changed a thing.

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Just had a look at your profile, and it still shows both a global and a language-specific streak of 88 days there.

If it has indeed been reset because of some sort of bug, @mike might be able to confirm in the back end and reinstate your streak for you?

Weird, as it is still showing 1 on language specific for me. Thanks for tagging @mike

FYI It does look okay on my web profile. It’s gone wonky on the iOS app. I deleted and added back. Logged in and it’s still incorrect.

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Ciao. Sindaco’s advice is spot-on. But take screenshots of everything and send to @Mike. I changed my daily goal and had a problem but Mike was more than helpful and got me back on track. (Communication with the team is great here at Cloze).

Hope you get sorted, best regards… Floria7

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Same thing for me, not too bothered to be honest, but my profile shows the correct 308 whilst language specific shows 7! The odd thing is that I only do Italian from English anyway.

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@ancestorsfound @David755502 both your streaks should now be reset :+1: Please be sure to double check that your time zone is correct, and please let us know if you notice any other issues as well as if you recall any details prior to the streak resetting that might help reproduce the issue - for example playing on a different device than usual, different time of day than usual, etc. Thanks!


Thanks @mike, appreciated.
I usually use the app (iPhone) but a few days ago I did use Chrome (also on my phone) between 11pm and midnight, I think that was when it happened.


@mike Thanks for looking into it. My streak is still incorrect on the iPhone app which is what I use 99% of the time. I did edit some sentences through the web interface, still on iPhone. As stated elsewhere, I deleted and re-added the iOS app to no avail. Thanks again.

Thanks @Floria7 - still hoping :slight_smile:

All resolved now, thanks to Mike!