He chopped some onions.

Italian Translation

Tagliò alcune cipolle.

Would “tritare” (chop) work better here instead of “tagliare”?

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Maybe. “Tritare” means chop finely, or mince. If you just want to cut vegetables in relatively large chunks, “tagliare” feels more appropriate.

In my head “chop” means to cut coarsely, not finely, am I wrong?


Ciao @mike-lima Ah, then I’m happy with *tagliare for chopping my onions if it means large chunky bits;-)

(The English from Italian course throws up some “interesting” phrases hence one or two queries this week).

Buona giornata👍

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You are right about “mince” and “chop”.

The forum here is the only place where I can learn Italian, English andcooking :man_cook:


@MRgK This CookieRookie certainly knows his/her onions;-) There are so many chefs on TV these days it’s difficult to know whether to cut or dice. I tend to bounce between Gino D’Campo and Rick Stein. Gino bravely spent a whole minute telling GB how to pronounce “bruschetta”, così ottimo lavoro Gino.

Cucinare con Clozemaster - perché no eh!

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