Har ni någonsin tvättat er bil?

English Translation

Have you ever washed your car?

If “er” applies to the number of people we are addressing - how would I guess that from this sentence? It seems an odd question to ask multiple people.

This can either be polite address or directed to several people (maybe they own a car together). To make polite address clear in writing, you can use capitalization: “Har Ni någonsin tvättat Er bil?”, but that’s becoming increasingly uncommon, as is polite ni; we mostly say du to everybody. Some people even find it a bit rude to be addressed as ni.

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Thank you. This is in the Pronouns section and as “er” was the missing word it’s just a case of running through du/er etc. to try and guess which word is missing.

From an English person’s perspective this just felt like a slightly odd one to address as plural. Bit of a generalisation - but only blokes tend to care about washing their cars (you should see the state of mine!!) - so it just feels like the kind of thing you might ask one person. And usually a male one at that. :wink:

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