Halt den Rand, Idiot!

English Translation

Shut up, you idiot!

der Rand = the edge, the rim, the verge

I’m not sure how we get to “shut up” from “hold the edge”, but it seems like an interesting expression.


In some fixed expressions “Rand” is used for “Mund”.

“Halt den Mund” = “Halt den Rand”, coarser: "“Halt die Schnauze” / “Halt’s Maul”, in some parts of Germany “Halt den Sabbel”.

The only other expression I can think of is “den Rand nicht vollkriegen” meaning “not getting enough of something”.

Of different origin is “außer Rand und Band” =“completely out of control”.
“Rand und Band” are keeping together a wooden barrel, so the expression was originally used by coopers (?).