Hai una cotta per lei?

English Translation

Do you have a crush on her?

Can someone explain by which strange ethymology something which was orginially an underwear in Latin, got this meaning?
Or is it somehow related to “baked”?


Hi. It means “Do you fancy her?” “Do you have a thing for her?” “Are you attracted to her?” but mainly - “Do you like her a lot!?” I have no idea how it evolved and it is probably a little old-fashioned nowadays but ok in Italian.


It’s a figurative expression related to baked. Cotta is from cotto, which is the past participle of cuocere. Here’s an excerpt from Treccani: “2. fig. a. Ubriacatura, o anche forte e improvviso innamoramento, nelle frasi prendere, pigliare, avere una cotta.” The beginning translates as “Drunkenness, or even strong and sudden falling in love…” See còtta¹ in Vocabolario - Treccani


Thank you so much for this @DurhamBull. I had no idea, it now makes total sense.

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