Ha qualche idea su chi sia lui?

English Translation

Have you any idea who he is?

Would I be able to say here “Hai qualche idea di chi sia?” It seems a lot easier but may not be as emphatic.


I cannot answer the question but I would like to add my own.
Is any preposition necessary?
“Ha qualche idea chi sia lui.”


I believe all of the options here would be understood well by a native Italian speaker. “su chi sia lui” sounds the nicest to my ear, but I cannot speak on which would be the most correct-sounding to a madrelingua. I like using “su” in this manner, because su translates to ‘on’ and we also use the word “on” with a similar connotation in English - although, strangely, in this particular case, we would say “about”. “do you have any idea about him?” It is also possible that people from different cities may say this slightly differently.


Hmm, I agree about the “su”.

Yes @Floria7 , you can drop the “lui” part, unless for some reason you need to clarify who you want information about.


You definitely need something between “qualche idea” and “sia lui”. “Di” is very natural, in this sense you can translate it as “about”. “Su” can work as well, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

I can’t exactly say why, but, @Vito89, as you say, you can use “on” in the English sentence, but find “about” more natural.