Ha preso in affitto un appartamento?

English Translation

Did you rent an apartment?

OK, but how is “ho affittato un appartamento” in english?


I have rented out an appartment.

There is also “To let” for “To rent out”.

I rent the apartment from my landlord, who rents it out it to me, or who lets it to me.


Thanks Sindaco
google translates the two sentences in the same way


That’s quite interesting!

If we use Google Translate for the English to Italian translations, then using the example you’ve provided, it will translate “He rented an apartment” and “He leased an apartment” to be the same thing -

I always like to look at the definitions that are provided below the translation for single words, in order to see what extra usages there might be (I don’t know which dictionary is used by Google for these definitions). In the case of affittare this shows two opposite definitions, one described as “Impropriamente (anche se molto usato)” -

So, what is your experience @giuseppeBG of the use of these two (apparently opposite) definitions in Italian?


Rent out. It could be lease, lease out, lend, lend out and a lot of others under the synonyms, and ,yes, simple rent is good too. Probably it depends on who says this phrase, the landlord or the apartment seeker, this way we know if apartment is leased or rented. (I am not 100 percent sure here).


You can use “affittare” in both cases.
Frank affitta un appartamento a Vito
Vito prende in affittino appartamento da Frank


So affittare can mean either, but you can use prendere in affitto if you’re the tenant/occupier and dare in affitto if you’re the landlord/owner?

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