Ha ottenuto un voto giusto in sede di esame.

English Translation

He got a fair mark in the examination.

Just making sure: “in sede di esame” is translated as “during examination”. “Sede di esame” translated as “examination centre”.

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How about “I got a fair mark in the exam”. I took “in sede” as something similar to "in sitting… ". Could be totally wrong however;-) Will check again tomorrow.

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@Floria7 you are right. “Sede” main meaning is “the official place connected to an organization”.

For example “Andare in sede” means "to go to the (main) offices of one’s firm/organization.

However it has secondary meanings. One of those is “the place where some operation takes place”.
Hence, “in sede di esame”, or, also a common (legal) expression, “in sede di giudizio”.
So “in the examination” or “during the examination” are a good translation in my opinion.