Ha delle buone ragioni per essere alquanto arrabbiato.

English Translation

He has good reason to get very angry.

“Alquanto” has as synonyms "un po’ " and “molto”. Two opposites in my mind. Should I “park” it with “parecchio” or “piuttosto” ?


I would park it with “somewhat” or “rather”, ie parecchio - quite a lot etc. Piuttosto I read as - rather, quite, somewhat.

All a bit different to plain old “very”.


I’m not sure you can use parecchio as an adverb.

Update: seems I was wrong; see below.

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I would say it means “more than a little”. So “rather”, or “quite”.
I do not remember seeing it used in a sense that means “just a little”.

In normal conversation, at least nowadays, it is more common to use “abbastanza” or “piuttosto”. “Alquanto” feels bookish, or formal.

@morbrorper “parecchio” can be used as an adverb as well, it somewhat overlaps with the other options.

It appears having word to say “a lot” without saying it is a feature of most languages.

There is a gradation too, even if it is not very precise:

If we grade “molto” on a scale from 1 to ten,
“abbastanza” is a 2-4,
“piuttosto” is a “4-6”,
“parecchio” is a 6-8",
“estremamente” or “veramente” is a 10.

“Alquanto”… Maybe it covers a 2-6 scale?


Great explanation @mike-lima. Grazie.

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