Ha cercato le strisce la scorsa notte?

Is this a nonsense sentence or does it mean something in Italy?

It is a translation from English “Did you seek out the stripes last night”. :slight_smile:

That is not an answer to the question.

Looks like it means strip, as in comic strips, and appears in the plural (le strische = the strip) e.g.:

A Novembre (2015) è uscito il film dei Peanuts, tratto dai personaggi delle strisce di Charles Schulz: le strisce che, secondo Umberto Eco, sono al livello dei classici greci, meglio di Salinger, vera poesia. A me i Peanuts piacciono, non ho nulla contro i Peanuts, semplicemente, sulla stessa rivista in cui uscivano i fumetti di Charlie Brown e Snoopy, prima di leggere i Peanuts, andavo a cercare le strisce di Calvin & Hobbes di Bill Watterson.

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Interesting, good to know, thanks!

However, on Tatoeba it does indeed seem to be as pointed out by @morbrorper - that the English sentence “Did you seek out the stripes last night” was added by our Italian native speaker, and translated into the three potential corresponding versions (“Hai cercato…”, “Ha cercato…”, “Avete cercato…”).

The comments there also show confusion over the intended meaning, though it seems it could possibly be referring to a Neopolitan Italian band called “Le Strisce”.