Greatest Idea Yet: Hands-Free Mode

Voice assistant software is widespread nowadays. Android and Microsoft have voice assistant software, allowing you to speak to your devices to perform certain tasks. Microsoft OneNote and Google Docs are software that also have options for voice assistants. While not 100% perfect, the technology is leagues ahead of where it was 10 years ago. I personally use OneNote in my school studies, and with confidence I can say that their Voice to Text program is about 90% accurate. However, If I was pronouncing single words, clearly, at a reasonable pace; I’d say it’s cognition would be closer to 97% or even 99%. It only seems to struggle with some proper nouns, mistaking them for more common words.

Busuu, another language app, has mode where it records your voice and assesses your pronunciation.

I am proposing a brand new clozemaster mode: Hands Free. Identical to game mode, except for one important difference: it receives voice input rather than keyboard input.

While there will undoubtedly be bugs with a speech-to-text system, there is no basis for an argument that a voice-to-text program could not be successfully implemented within clozemaster. It could even be refined to be even more accurate; by being trained to only accept an answer that was pronounced with the correct syllable stressing. For example, a word like subitò would not accept the voice input of a word pronounced like subìto.

Successfully implemented, this would be an improvement to Clozemaster. I believe that learners who use this mode will memorize pronunciation more deeply. Being able to use clozemaster accurately without typing would also increase efficiency. The shift away from typing to speaking would also increase verbal fluency as well.

The only problem I can forsee; is that implementing this within clozemaster would involve a great deal of development and testing before implementing.

Listen; I know it might be very difficult to make this happen, and I understand if it’s simply too much. But it’s definitely possible. don’t you think it’s a good idea?


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Ciao Vito89. Interesting. I’m a bit old-fashioned probably as I find that typing in the words is an extra memory aid and helps me learn. I actually find it very satisfying.

The speaking on Busuu is fun but is only checked by other students I think, and quite often recorded sentences are marked “Perfect” when they are far from it and thankfully native speakers follow up with corrections to avoid the student learning incorrectly.

When I found Clozemaster I was amazed at how much it offered and since then even more has been added. So in a way I’m more than happy with Cloze as it is because it suits the way I learn best. But that’s just me, I’m always interested to read other ideas and will read yours again.

All the best for '22.