Gówno śmierdzi. (Sentence Note)

  • śmierdzieć (-dzę -dzisz śmierdzą) (impf) = to stink
  • śmierdzący (adj) = stinking, stinky, smelly
  • śmierdziel (ma noun) = a stinker (e.g. a smelly person)
  • śmierdziuch (m noun) = a stinker (e.g. smelly cheese)
  • śmierdziucha (f noun) (colloq) = hooch (home-made liquor)
  • zaśmierdzieć (-dzi) (usually 3rd person) (pf) = to start to stink

Hm, weird, I wasn’t able to find this sentence using sentence search. Is this shown as a translation of “Shit stinks” or something like that?

Yes, the translation is given exactly as that.

That’s odd! While “Gówno śmierdzi” is a correct literal translation of the English sentence, it wouldn’t be used to mean “something’s not right”, “something’s messed up” as it sometimes is in English.

I think it’d be best to report this sentence and have it removed from the course. Sure, profanities might be perfectly useful, but this particular Polish sentence doesn’t have much use in real life.

Strange … I also tried to search it and wasn’t able to find it. It could be a bug? I’ll report the sentence next time I see it.