Gli incidenti capitano.

The audio gets confused about capitano and pronounces it “capitàno” (captain), not “càpitano” (happen).

Update: I have corrected this post with the correct stress on the first syllable of the verb form. Sorry!


Grazie @morbrorper . Mamma mia, we’ll have to have a quiet word with “Giorgio” and “Carla” Perhaps they’re too preoccupati with Tom;-)

Passa un buon fine settimana.

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did this “capitano” have "bussola or “compasso” while navigating?


“Avvicìnati” is another tricky one but imho I think Giorgio is spot-on with this.

Edit: my favourite wrong-emphasis is often heard in TV documentaries and programmes about art in Italy - “Medìci” invece di “Mèdici”. Another good excuse to gridare alla tv;-)

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This is an interesting sentence to try out the new grammar feature, but unfortunately, the verb “capitano” is classified as an adjective. I would have guessed it thought it was a noun. :wink:

Issue reported.