Gli altri si arrangino.

English Translation

Devil take the hindmost.

Maybe the Italian is also idiomatic, but I’d have thought this was more “Let the others make do” or “Let the others sort themselves out”.


Mi associo David. I have “Diavolo prendi l’ultimo” for the hindmost quote.


The Italian is idiomatic in the sense that it sounds natural, but we don’t have the same expression. Depending on the context, it can suggest the same kind of commentary as the English one (which I was not familiar with, had to look it up) or it just means “let the others make do” as David proposes.

I guess if you want to make up a proverb, you could say “il diavolo si prende l’ultimo” or “il diavolo si prenda l’ultimo”, depending on whether you are wishing that he does or not !


If we want to use a proverb that fits, maybe:

“Ognuno per sé, Dio per tutti!”

It is not exactly the same, but it is the closer I can think at the moment.