Gente = "money"?

I asked an Italian native, and this appears to be a mistake
“La Gente Rovina Molte Persone”

I’ve never seen an idiom that was similar to this, nor heard the phrase used with “gente” before, so there is more credence to this being a mistake, although this is certainly not the nail in the coffin because I don’t know everything.

My instinct is that the sentence “La grana rovina molte persone” was intended, since that word is similar to what appears, agrees with the article “la” and can figuratively be used to refer to money. (For completeness’s sake, “grana” means “grain” literally.)

I’m not aware of how these sentences get uploaded or what the process is, but I do think it is feasible that a typographical error had gotten into the sentence somehow, and perhaps this was mistakenly edited to “gente”

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