Geben Sie gut acht!

English Translation

Pay very close attention.

“good eight”? The dictionary says the noun die Acht means attention, so why isn’t it capitalized?

achtgeben” is a separable verb, so you’re looking at the detached verb prefix at the end and not a noun.

This seemed familiar to me somehow, so I searched around a bit, and it turns out it’s been discussed here before :slight_smile:


In addition, I’d like to point out that “gut” is an adverb here modifying “geben” instead of “Acht”, so it’s probably better translated as “well”.

And you can find the “attention” meaning of “Acht” for example in the verbs “achten” (“to regard highly”, “to esteem”, “to respect”), “beachten” (“to notice”, “to consider”, “to heed”), and the command “Achtung!” (“Attention!”)

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