Full sentence translation beta - where did it go?

This was a TOTAL game changer for Clozemaster for me. The best thing I’ve seen in a language learning program, and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up this morning to no more beta :frowning:

When is this coming back? Please turn it back on!!!


Agreed, this really was a great feature I completely transitioned to using it; I really hope they return it ASAP even if it’s just a beta.


Yes I went 100% to that feature. Miles better for learning than single words


The transcribe mode is still available when you choose the “Listening” skill. The beta mode is removed from the “Vocabulary” and “Speaking” skills.
For more information, please skim a related forum thread under the bug reports: “A couple of issues with the the Transcribe (beta) mode”.


@howardmontagu @BrokenSound6995 that’s helpful to know - thanks! We looked at the feedback in the post @MsFixer referenced, thought the parts about “narrow acceptance of possible answers” and “too many different ways to say things to know which one it wants” made sense and were anticipated, and figured we’d remove the translate option but keep the transcribe option.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on that feedback if you’re up for sharing. I’m also happy to discuss by voice, just pick a day and time that work well for you here, Calendly - Mike.

Part of the challenge is how best to add it back to the UI. I’d like to make the multiple choice and text input options more prominent somehow to avoid new users trying out the translate option, getting frustrated, and abandoning Clozemaster altogether, as I suspect the “too many possible answers” might be a common response. We’ll give this some more thought and see what we can come up with.

In the meantime, the translate feature is still functional - you just need to play a collection, and then change mode in the URL to full_text_input and press enter to reload the page. So


would become

https://www.clozemaster.com/l/spa-eng/collections/fluency-fast-track-f553c28b-77cd-4c3d-847c-285e09b70583/play?scope=&skill=vocabulary&count=10&mode=full_text_input (:point_left: note mode at the end here)

Not ideal but a temporary workaround.


Thanks for letting us know about the workaround!

Certainly there was some frustration sometimes with not being able to find the right way to write the sentence, but I felt this was made up for by the learning benefits of stumbling through towards grammatically correctly finding a way to write it.

Nevertheless, I can definitely see how this would deter others from the website.
I wonder if having a “difficulty slider” of sorts would help where a certain number of words are blanked out while others are left in there, maybe based on the length or frequency of said words. Having just a few words revealed may help understand the structure of the sentence that is requested while still offering some increased learning benefit over single word translation.

I’ve only really been using this feature for a week, and it definitely is more time-consuming than the others, so I’m not yet certain that it provides significant benefit for learning but I do think it’s worth having available to keep testing to see if it’s sustainable and helpful, even if it’s through the URL manipulation.

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The new feature is an interesting idea. But since it’s only available for the listening mode, and since I find the audio for Russian too poor to be useful (accent on the wrong word, insertion of “phantom” phoneme that changes the pronunciation of “Если” from “yesli” to “a-yesli”), I don’t see myself using it.

From a viewpoint of branding, there’s also something to be said in favor of Clozemaster sticking to clozes, something it does well. However, I’m not an expert in marketing, so I don’t know when it makes sense to try to go beyond one’s core functionality in order to try to reach a wider audience.

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