From native language to target language

I’d like to also be able to flip the exercises e.g. given a native-target language pair, I’d also like to be able to translate to the native language from the target; currently we only can translate from target to native. Is this possible?

Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do? You can setup multiple language pairs at so if you’re doing Italian/English, you can also do English/Italian, but I’m not sure if that’s the right solution for you.

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Yeah so it’s like sometimes if I’m in a conversation in the target language (e.g. Spanish), I want to say something in Spanish and I actually know the word subconsiously from my Clozemaster practice, but since I never practice translating from my native language (e.g. English) to Spanish (in Clozemaster I could only find practices translating to the target language), I sometimes fail. And only after looking at the translation I’ll be like “yeah I know that word, but only when reading/hearing it”. If there’s a way to like “flip the practice”, even without the advanced Cloze features, that’ll be great.

Let me know if this helps. My native language is English and I’m learning Italian. For practice, I like to translate sentences from English to Italian so here’s how I do it. I use the “vocabulary” skill and “text input” mode. When the first sentence shows on the screen it will be in Italian with a single cloze. I go to the webpage address bar and manually change the end of the address from “mode=text_input” to “mode=full_text_input”. After making that change, the sentence will be all clozes (no Italian, just blank underscores) and the English translation will be provided. I then input the translation in Italian.

Some learners don’t like to do this type of translation because there are so many ways to say something in the target language that there’s a bit of guessing and frustration involved. I agree so I try to compensate by first studying the sentence in “listening” mode so I have some recollection, even if slight, of the correct translation. Also, in the Clozemaster settings, I turn on Typing Color Hint and Text Box Size. Despite these limitations and workarounds, I find translation from my native language to be very beneficial for my language production abilities. However, my current level is A2/B1 so I may do less of it as my skills improve and I begin to think directly in my target language rather than translate.

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Hey, this is a very nice tip, I’ll certainly do this, thank you very much!