Fervono i preparativi per la cerimonia.

English Translation

Preparations for the ceremony are under way.

Am I right in thinking that fervere suggests a bit more than just “under way”?

WordReference suggests something more like “in full swing” or that things are “humming with activity”.


Yes, it means the preparations are being done with determination and passion.

According to the dictionary, the meanings of “Fervere” are:

  • to boil (maybe bubble?) It references a poetic “il vino ferve nei tini”, and I think we would say that it “fermenta” nowadays.
  • to be hot, to burn
  • and figuratively to be at the top of the intensity and passion.

I think the figurative meaning is the only one you will encounter in practice, basically in sentences like this.

It is used the most in its present participle form “Fervente” (which has an English cognate “fervent”).