Feature request: medium difficulty

I’m getting farther than i think i should by figuring out what part of speech is missing, then guessing based on that. (If the verb is missing and only one option is a properly conjugated verb, then the answer is obvious.)

There should be a medium difficultly that gives 4 choice that are all the same part of speech (or similarly conjugated verb.) Then progress requires I retain vocabulary as well as grammar.

Your comment is a fair illustration of the weakness of practicing RECOGNITION (multiple choice).

It is nothing like ACTIVE RECALL, which is what you need, in the end, to master a language.

Active recall is painful on Clozemaster because it wants you to type, which is cumbersome to many, and does not offer the Supermemo/Anki option: the self-rating of the answer after cloze revelation, you having only invoked the missing word in your mind.

I think that Clozemaster should offer the high-speed, self-rating option, “between” the multiple choice (too easy) and the text input (too slow) and let the user decided what his favourite learning routine is.

More customer satisfaction = more commercial success!

imo, self rating should be orthogonal to the multiple choice/type option.

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I’m admittedly not familiar with Supermemo or Anki, but I think I have found something which amounts to self-rating on Clozemaster, by using text-input mode, deciding what I would type, and invoking multiple choice for the actual input. If it turns out that I was wrong, I either choose a wrong answer or I choose the correct one and manually edit my progress.

That works well for me, even though it only gives me half the points. :wink:



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