Feature Request: Customize number of reviews before "Mastered"

Right now, you must get a question right 4 times before you “master” it (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

It would be cool to have the option to customize this number higher or lower (e.g. 3, or 5, or 6, etc). I personally think 5 would be perfect for me.

Additionally, it would be cool to have additional, separate customization options for sentences that have previously been mastered. As some people have commented about in the Mark as Known thread, your memory for previously learned words is not that short, and thus you should be able to specify a different reappearance count and different time intervals between reappearances for mastered words.

I know this may mess with the points framework. But personally for me, optimizing my learning is much more important than earning points :smiley: I wouldn’t care if you don’t get points for any additional reappearances if you set it beyond 4, or if you missed out on points if you set the number below 4.


Why not just set your intervals lower to see a card more often?


One could do that, but you would only see the card more often only if you got it wrong. I want to see a card more often even if I keep getting it right. For example, I have my intervals currently set to 0, 1, 5, 21, and 150; I would like another 5 or something between the 5 and 21 (50% and 75%) because I find I often forget words during that interval. Right now what I do is when I get the word wrong I manually set the percent mastered back to 50%, because I don’t need to start over from the beginning, just needed a reminder. It would be nice to not have to keep on manually doing that.


Honestly I completely agree.this is a great idea. I would set some sentences to 5, and others to 6.