Feature request: Change the cloze

Sometimes I see an interesting feature, like e.g. an uncommon word usage, in a sentence while I am asked for another word.
Then I would like to be able to save the sentence with a different cloze of my own choice to one of my personal collections.


When in a round and you want a different word in the sentence to be a cloze…

After answering the sentence, click on the word you want as the cloze. The fly out opens. Click on “Add to Collection” and save to one of your private (or public, I suppose) collections.

Maybe create a private collection and name it accordingly (my clozes…or whatever you decide). Then you can add “alternate clozes” to your collection.


Thank you so much. I didn’t know that feature and I will try it soon.
Clozemaster is even better than I thought. :ok_hand:


You’re welcome! Glad to help… and yes, Clozemaster is the best. Bar none…I’ve tried countless language programs, none compare.