Feature Request: Add these info points to the UI of themobile application

I primarily use the clozemaster app for android.

Every day, I plan out how many reviews and how many new cards I’m going to do. I do that by monitoring these three points of information:


That is:

  1. The ratio of new cards to review cards finished for the current day.

  2. The ratio of 25% mastered to 100% mastered. I try to keep these two values equal.

  3. The ratio of new to reviewed cards, after the seven day average is applied.

I look at these three values and consider how many new vs review cards I do per day.

The issue is, that info is not included in the app. So, I keep checking back to the website in my browser to check those points throughout the day.

Taking these info points and making them available in the mobile app would be an improvement for me.

For now, I’ve linked the clozemaster website as an icon on my smartphone, and that saves me some time. Just an idea. I’m not sure if anybody else plans out their new vs. reviewed cards like this.



I agree entirely; it would be awesome if this and all the other features available on the web are also available on mobile. I used to use the mobile app, but now I have completely switched over to using the web app even on mobile (in my browser) because I find myself wanting the web features, such as the Brain icon (Mark as Known), learning statistics, gameplay settings customizations, and enhanced collection management capabilities.


I agree, too… and yes the ability to tick the brain icon on the android app would be helpful as well as everything else you mentioned.