Feature Request: Access to sentence discussions via sentence search

On the sentence search result page. I need a hyperlink button to the sentence discussions to make a comment. I often take a personal note when I come across sentences of dubious quality. Once I find the way how to correct such sentences, however, I cannot access to the SDs to share my explanation.


Hi @MsFixer, if you know which collection the sentence is from, then you should be able to do this already quite easily. If you don’t know which collection the sentence is in, then you can find that out from the general search dialogue.

Here is an example.

Let’s say that I have a sentence in German, and in this case let’s even say that I don’t remember the whole sentence exactly, but I know that the Cloze word is “enttäuscht”.

First, I search for the sentence that I’m interested in using the main search dialogue (you can skip this step if you already know the collection, for example if you only play Fluency Fast Track) -

Then I find the sentence that I’m looking for, and click on the “Collections” button for that sentence (hopefully there aren’t too many entries, or preferably you know more words in the sentence to make the search easier) -

Now I click on the “Collections” button and it reveals where I can find the sentence, which in this case is the Fluency Fast Track -

Now I look for the Manage Collection icon against the collection which contains the sentence -

I click on the icon, which brings up the collection search menu. From there I can search for the sentence (or you could search for just a word if you prefer). From this dialog there are a set of icons available, and the second from right of those is the sentence discussion icon -

If I also need to report an error, then the flag icon at the far right allows me to do this as well.

I realise that this isn’t the quick fix that you are requesting, but it should have the same functionality.


@zzcguns Thank you so much for your informative reply. If the search pages for each collection (and many other pages) offer the hyperlink button, why not on the general search? That’s why I made this request.


That’s a good question.

I can think of another good reason to have the sentence discussion button on the main search.

Imagine that someone decided to look for sentences to add to a collection, and that they searched for a particular cloze word. If the sentence discussion buttons were also present on the main search page, then if a particular sentence had a number against that button, then the person would know that there was some discussion about that sentence. They could therefore quickly read the discussion and see whether there was some problem that had been identified with that sentence, and therefore decide whether they wished to avoid that sentence, rather than adding it to their collection.